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AISEM - Sezione Scaffalature CISI
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Benvenuti to AISEM- Scaffalature CISI, the association of the Italian Manufacturers of Racking and Shelving, founded in 1963.

Together with the other 3 sections: Lifting and Transport, Self-Propelled Industrial Trucks  and Mobile Cranes, AISEM today meets in a spirit of synergy the best national entrepreneurship for the construction and distribution of machinery for handling and lifting of material and warehousing. It represents about 75% of national production in these fields, of which about 40% is destined for export.

In AISEM, there are 9 types of maerchandise represented:

  • Accessories and Auxiliary equipment
  • Equipment for heavy lifting
  • Handling Systems
  • Industrial Trucks
  • Intralogistic Systems
  • Mobile cranes
  • Platforms for lifting materials and people
  • Racking and Shelving/ CISI
  • Standard equipment for lifting

To resolve trade problems, regulatory, legal and tax issues, AISEM relies on the support of the Federation ANIMA (Federation of Mechanical Industries Varied), which is one of the largest associations related to this field.

AISEM is a member, together with ANIMA, of Orgalime, the European Committee for mechanical, electrical and electronics industries.

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