Fees for October 2023 to September 2024


Entry or Joining fees are a one off payment upon joining to recognise the work already undertaken by the organisation, that new members will have access to and benefit from.

Annual fees are charged in October each year by invoice and payments can be made in either Sterling or Euros by bank transfer. Levels of fees are reviewed at each AGM, taking into account the workload and expenses of FEM R&S. At the AGM 2023 a 3% increasee was agreed.

Non payment of fees will result in suspension of membership and a re-instatement charge.

Individual Members (No National Association)

Entry Fee Annual Fee
£3,600 or 4,325 Euros £3,600 or 4,325 Euros

Medium National Association

Entry Fee Annual Fee
£5,225 or 6,270 Euros £5,225 or 6,270 Euros

Large National Associations

Entry Fee Annual Fee
£9,550 or 11,460 Euros £9,550 or 11,460 Euros