Operating Procedures

1. ERF Ltd.

ERF Ltd. is a legally constituted company in UK company law, now commonly known within the membership and industry as FEM Racking and Shelving.

2. Control of the Company

The company is controlled democratically by Annual General Meetings of full members' representatives, who have voting rights apportioned according to their size and subscriptions.

3. Full Members

These are the National Associations of European countries representing manufacturers of storage equipment and paying annual subscriptions. Failure to pay subscriptions and fees or to adhere to FEM R&S procedures and decisions may result in suspension of membership, with no reduction in the sums due and the liklihood of re-instatement charges.

4. Policies and Decisions

All policies are defined and decisions taken in Annual General Meetings by Full Member’s representatives.

5. Directors of the Company

Each Full Member's representative may additionally be nominated as a director of the company, as recognised in UK Company law, subject to a majority vote of acceptance at an Annual General Meeting. Directors are responsible for ensuring that the company operates according to UK Company law.

6. The Management Board

Full Members may nominate a representative to become a member of the Management Board for up to six years, provided that their National Association pays the fees of a Large Country and that they are re-elected on a rotating schedule after three years.

All Management Board members shall be appointed or re-endorsed by the Annual General Meeting. Officers serving on the FEM R&S Management Board are defined as "managers" who implement the decisions of the Annual General Meeting and make recommendations to the meeting. At the Management Board meetings one representative has one vote and at the AGM, these officers do not have any voting powers unless they are also the nominated representative of a Full Member.

7. Key FEM R&S roles

Key roles include a President, Vice President, Technical Chair and Technical Expert. These roles are appointed formally through the AGM and do not have vote at the AGM unless they are also the nominated representative of a Full Member.