Joining Procedure

Full Members

Full Members are the National Associations of European countries representing manufacturers of storage equipment.  Only one National Association per country can be in membership. 

A manufacturer of storage equipment operating in several European countries can be a member of several National Associations; one of which must be in the country where the company headquarters are based.

Individual Members

Individual membership is available to European manufacturers of storage equipment where no National Association exists in their country.  However, in such cases should another manufacturer in that country wish to join FEM Racking and Shelving, then a National Association must be established.

Membership Applications

National Associations or individual companies are invited to contact the Secretary General to discuss the membership application procedures.

Membership applicants are required to provide the following information:-

  • whether they are manufacturers, distributors, consultants etc
  • products supplied
  • markets served
  • turnover
  • number of employees
  • ownership details
  • details of design standards utilised
  • component testing regime details
  • ISO 9000 status
  • confirmation that they will comply with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, rules and vision of FEM Racking and Shelving

They will also be requested to confirm, as part of the application process, that they will fully fund a visit from a FEM Racking and Shelving Officer or appointed Technical Engineer acting on their behalf, to verify their credentials and inspect factories, including payment for travel, time, accommodation and all associated costs.

National Association Membership applicants will be required to provide the following information:-

  • details of their member companies including products manufactured
  • confirmation of the standards utilised by their member companies
  • markets served by their members
  • details of any quality schemes operated by the Association
  • ISO 9000 status of their members
  • confirmation that the Association and its members will comply with the FEM Racking and Shelving Memorandum and Articles of Association, rules and vision

Please note that membership of FEM is required to become a member of our Racking and Shelving Product Group and fees are due to both organisations each year. Please see for more information about the parent organisation, FEM, based in Brussels.