New FEM R&S Code for Mobile Racking Systems

The following new code has been published on our website in the Publications page and is available for purchase with payment by PayPal.

10.2.18- The Design of Racking installed on Mobile Racking Bases

This document provides a methodology for the design of steel pallet racking installed on mobile racking bases.

FEM 10.2.18 is based on the safety and design concept of the European Standards series "Steel Static Storage Systems" and provides supplementary design rules to suit the peculiarities of racking installed on mobile racking bases.

Racking systems are generally standard products where design by calculation alone may not be appropriate or may not lead to the most economical solutions. Due to differences in shape of structural components, detailing and connections, additional technical information to that given in the Eurocodes is required and it is, therefore, usually appropriate to design on the basis of a combination of tests and calculations.

This document is not independent and is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 15512, EN 15620, EN 15629 and EN 15635. For Seismic Areas this document should be used in conjunction with EN 16681.

Published March 2023



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