New Working Group 14 on Industrial Platforms

We are pleased to announce that FEM R&S has decided to further develop the DSISP design code for industrial platforms, which has been created over the past few years under the Dutch National Association Dutch Material Handling (DMH). We would like to invite all National Associations to nominate candidates for this new FEM R&S Working Group (WG) 14 . The goal of this WG is to further improve the current version of this design code by providing clear practical design guidelines and enabling fair competition.

 The following technical challenges for the WG will be discussed:

1.      Guidance for diaphragm action design (floor panels and connections).

2.      Strength and stability of mono-symmetric cold formed beams in combination with semi-rigid connections (end connectors and floor panels).

3.      Design assisted by testing for design items for which accurate analytical design is not readily available.


We would especially welcome engineers with:

  •  Expertise in structural design for industrial platforms.
  • Knowledge of EN 1993, EN 1995, EN 1090.
  • Understanding of the technical challenges described above.
  • Experience in development of design standards.

 Please note that travel and ovenight stays will need to be sponsored by your company and that your company must be a Member of the FEM R&S Product Group.

Additional WG information:    

Technical Chair (TC):             Wim Zweers        (Independent)

Technical Secretary (TS):      Diederik Margadant     (Nedcon)

 The intended start date of this WG is September2023

 The closing date for nominations is set as May 1st , 2023. We kindly ask you to respond to your National Association with your name, email, company and telephone contact details before this end date.

 If you require additional information, feel free to contact the Working Group leads or the Secretariat.


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