Storage Equipment Technical Report 01

The European Materials Handling Federation, Racking and Shelving Product Group (FEM R&S), is a liaison member of CEN/TC 344 "Steel Static Storage System" and actively participates in the development of European Standards for Racking and Shelving. In this context, the EN15512:2020 continues to be the fundamental Design Standard for Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR), which is recognised thoughout the industry.

EN15512 was first published in 2009 and after a substantial review process, EN15512:2020 was published. During this process, a sub-working group of TC344 WG1 conducted a detailed study based on EN 1990, for the structural reliability of racks designed to EN 15512.

The study resulted in the need to make some important changes on safety coefficients and calculation parameters, which were incorporated into the 2020 edition of the standard.

The reliability study refers to the draft version prEN 15512:2018, and the results were incorporated in the EN 15512:2020.

This document, which is published by FEM R&S, represents an important supporting scientific background document for EN 15512:2020 and thanks the authors and the convener of the TC344 WG1 Sub-Working Group that produced this document.

Technical Report No.01; TR 01

Stefano Sesana, Technical Chair,  December 2021

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