FEM Racking and Shelving publishes New FEM codes

Latest FEM R&S Codes

10.2.16 on Racking Protection was made available from November 2017.

10.2.09 Design of Cantilever Racking was available from the end of July 2015.

FEM Racking and Shleving also published four further FEM codes in March 2015.

  • 10.2.06 Part 2   Design of Hand Loaded Steel Static Shelving, which adds onto 10.2.06 Part 1 for low rise shelving.
  • 10.2.11 Part 1   Rail Dependent Storage and Retrieval Systems; Pallet Racking
  • 10.2.15 Part 1   Worked Example Adjustable Pallet Racking According to EN 15512; 2009. Unbraced.
  • 10.3.01 Part 1   Tolerances, Deformations and Clearances in the Storage System.

To purchase any of these documents or any other FEM codes please go to our Publications section, which lists all the codes currently available, with descriptions and their prices. Please note that we only sell copies in bound paper versions and nt in electronic formats.

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